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Nominet To Reconsider Offering .UK Domains

Nominet Announce New Plan to Offer .UK Domains

After Nominet dropped their previous proposal to offer second level .UK domains as well as third level .CO.UK in February this year due to overwhelming complaints and objections about the program from its stakeholders. They announced a new agenda yesterday with revisions for adding to their product range by opening up registrations at the second level of .uk domains.

The previous consultation into this propsal was dropped due to concerns that existing registrants of third level domain names wouldn’t necessarily be first in line to get the equivalent second level version of their existing registered third level domains. The previous propsal also indicated their intention to charge wholesale pricing of around £20 per year which is significantly higher than the current registry charges for the third level domains such as .CO.UK and .ORG.UK.

Key Changes to the Proposal

The new and revised plan now appears to gives rights to any existing third level domain registrants and also offers more realistic lower pricing.

Nominet announced that after considering all the feedback and suggestions made after its Public Consultation last year, Nominet has made some significant changes to its original .uk proposal and the new proposal is to be be put forward as a consultation on July 1st 2013.

They announced that key elements of the new proposal which is now open to community feedback, would give priority to the owners of third level domains so for example if you have registered or you would now get first refusal on

The new plan also makes provision for instances where there may be two seperate registrants of the same third level domains are registered ( and where the registrant of the oldest registered domain would have senior rights and first refusal of the new second level domain.

Increased security measures such as enhanced checks on registrant data supplied for all registrations as well as the requirement for registrants to have a UK address for service.

Nominet have also reconsidered their pricing and announced that the wholesale registration price will be in the region of £5 per year.

With the introduction of possibly 1,900 new gTLD’s – top level domains in early 2014 the possibility of a .UK domain extension should be a welcome addition for British business and private web site operaters.

The full Nominet announcement can be seen HERE