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Ten-year domain name registrations now available on eShop Hosts

You can now register or renew domain names in annual increments up to a maximum of 10 years at a time on eShop Hosts.

After the recent policy change at Nominet the .uk registry you can now register domains for just a single year or any number of years up to ten for the best savings. This is a welcome change as previously, all UK domain registrants had to register their domain names for a fixed period of two years and renewal the registration every two years after that.

The long overdue changes, announced by Nominet last November, bring domain names into line with other country code and generic top-level domains such as .com and .net. The new annual registration policy also applies to the other .UK extensions such as the and domains.

Our New .CO.UK Domain Registration Price Structure:

Years Registered

Register .CO.UK

Transfer .CO.UK

Renewal .CO.UK

1 Year £3.99 Free £3.99
2 Years £6.49 Free £6.49
3 Years £9.75 Free £9.75
4 Years £12.99 Free £12.99
5 Years £16.29 Free £16.29
6 Years £19.59 Free £19.59
7 Years £22.89 Free £22.89
8 Years £26.29 Free £26.29
9 Years £29.59 Free £29.59
10 Years £30.99 Free £30.99
Register .CO.Uk Domain Now ! Transfer .CO.Uk Domain Now ! Renew .CO.Uk Domain Now !

Flexible .CO.UK Domain Registration Periods

With over 10 million .CO.UK domain names registered already it is the second most popular and registered country code domain extension second only to the number of registered German .DE domain names.

It is widely expected that the new policy introducing the flexible single-year and multiple year registrations could lead to many more registrations of domain names and Nominet says that long-term domain registrations will give UK business a lot more peace of mind due to not having to renew their names as frequently as they used to.

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