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Should British Online Start Ups Drop .UK

Growing Online Business Start Ups

Online Business Start Ups are increasing! Given the current climate of the world economy and employment market there is an increase in Business start ups, ranging from small micro or home based businesses to well funded hi tech start up businesses. Recent research also revealed an increase of over 18 per cent in start up business amongst the over 65’s with over 10 per cent increase in the number of ‘Silver Entrepreneurs’ who are defined as aged between the ages of 55 and 64.

In the UK it was reported that nearly half a million (470,000) small firms started up in 2011, when you deduct the number of reported insolvencies for 2011, the UK had the number of businesses in operation increase by 455,000.

Domain Name Trends

As internet browsing on mobile or smart phones icreases and plays a larger and very important role in how people access the internet, shorter domain names which are much easier and quicker to type in from mobile devices are often first choice domain names for savvy online business start ups and are currently high in demand. It is a known fact that web browsers using mobile devices are prone to make more typos than when using a standard keyboard so the shorter the domain name is, the more likely it is that your visitor will find you.

The Best .Co.Uk and .Com Domains Taken

With so many start up business looking to actively trade or promote themselves online, many hit the immediate obstacle of being unable to register their desired domain name due to the fact that it is already registered. Not being able to get the domain name that you want for your business is a common problem, not just for business start ups but for established larger companies too. Unless of course you have the capital to throw money at the problem and pay for what is regarded as a premium domain name then you are forced to either settle for a sub-standard domain name eg one that includes hyphens or additional words, or look at the alternatives to the or .com extensions for your desired online trading name or branding options.

Register .Co instead of .Co.Uk or .Com

dot co domain registration

We have been watching with interest over recent months the discussion and debate over the much publicised and promoted .co domain extension.

It is a domain extension that provokes a lot of opinion in the domain community, often touted as the next big thing and the ultimate alternative to the .com and just as often rebuked as a domain destined to fail due to the the generic values and worldwide recognition of the .com and the confusion caused when people when are presented with a .co and still typing in .com into their browser.

In reality, whilst we remain impartial on the overall opinion of the points raised in discussions about using .co domains, we do see a lot of merit in Online Business Start Ups using .Co domains in the UK for the following reasons:-

The letters “CO” are internationally recognised to mean company.

.Co is one character shorter than .com and three characters shorter than which as we referred to above is a valid consideration in this age of mobile browsing.

There have been one million .Co domain names registered across 200 countries in the last year which means plenty of good names are still available to be registered.

Large Internet Brands already utilizing the .Co extension include Twitter, using t.Co as a url shortener, Google who recently acquired and Amazon who have, and for the Amazon, Zappos and Kindle brands.

Recent Publicity for .Co Domain Extension

Behind .CO Internet S.A.S. is a smart, serial entrepreneur, Juan Diego Calle, who started his company with very little cash but quickly attracted $5m in funding. It wasn’t long before global brand names like Twitter, Amazon and Google – and a rash of Silicon Valley big wigs – started to adopt the .CO domain extension. And with a marketing partnership with domain retailer GoDaddy that has featured the .CO domain in their Super Bowl commercials for two years in a row – consumers are now starting to follow suit.

Thanks to a bevy of noted venture capitalists and tech bloggers, .CO was able to gain some great early traction that has garnered the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. One of the earliest uses of .CO was the launch of, which has since grown to be the world’s leading marketplace matching startups in need of funding with angel investors seeking investment opportunities.

According to Dave McClure, renowned Silicon Valley luminary, “.CO is quickly becoming the hot new geek [domain extension]” for startups. In fact, well-known incubator funds, like the Founder Institute and McClure’s own, 500 Startups, have even rebranded their own digital brands from longer .com urls to and, respectively – and are increasingly recommending .CO as the domain of choice to all of their portfolio companies.

With .CO, entrepreneurs can now launch their businesses and brands on a short, cool, credible domain name – without having to shell out hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars to do it. The goal, says Wardi, is for “.CO to be the online home for the world’s next great companies – the next Twitters, Facebooks and Googles.”

Recent Article on .Co Domain, WorldFinance

So Register Your .Co Domain Today

Given the reality that the number of available short, meaningful and brandable .com and domains is now mostly depleted the .Co domain extension appears to be the doimain of choice as a viable alternative for many UK online Business start ups. With many online business start ups opting to use .Co domains in America it makes sense, if not more sense for UK business to follow suit.

You Can check .co domain availablity here

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