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ICANN To announce Details of around 2000 new Domain Extensions

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is set to reveal details of the applications recently made for around 2000 new top-level domain extensions at a press conference at Kings Place, in the King’s Cross area of London, on June 13 2012.

icann big reveal

The announcement nicknamed the ‘Big Reveal’ is when ICANN will reveal details of which companies, organizations, geographical regions and others that have applied for new gTLDs and which domain extensions they have applied for as part of the new gTLD program to expand the current number (22) of available Generic Top Level Domains (examples are .COM, .NET, .MOBI, .INFO etc).

ICANN is the non-profit corporation that governs the Internet’s Domain Name System under an agreement with the American Commerce Department, has been taking applications for new top level domain names and the deadline for submission of the applications was at the end of May and the applications for a new gTLD cost $185,000 although there is a refund policy in place for application withdrawals.

New Domain Extensions On The Horizon

In Recent weeks there has been much speculation over who and what gTLDs have been applied for and for some of the more generic gTLD extensions such as .LAW, .CLOUD and .ONLINE there will likely be multiple applications for the same ones.

Some gTLD Applications Announced So Far
.web .shop .bank .law .music .news .blog .science .home
.movie .baby .store .doctor .hotel .play .restaurant .review .roma
.site .website .click .online .one .ping .space .world .press
.chat .city .deals .insurance .loans .app .host .hosting .zulu
.rodeo .sale .school .godaddy .home .docs .lol .youtube .google

New Domain Names

Many companies have publicly announced their TLD applications with some even going one step further by taking pre-release type reservations for certain domain names. The opportunity to brand a domain extension has also appealed to some of the large businesses, most notable recent announcements by corporates indicating their application details are Google who are applying for .GOOGLE, .YOUTUBE and even .LOL and Godaddy, one of the worlds largest domain registrars applying for .GODADDY and .HOME

After the ‘Big Reveal’ ICANN will take about seven months to process all the submitted applications. Meaning that should a new gTLD application request be approved, it will likely be a year or more before the successful applicant can use the new gTLD making it an interesting time ahead for the internet.

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