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Diary of an eCommerce Start Up Part 1

Follow the progress of an eCommerce Start Up

We have teamed up with Martin, an ecommerce start up looking to set up his first online shop, after finding out that he has an interest in article writing we thought we would ask him to publish his experiences, including all his dilemmas, problems and the results seen during the process of setting up his new online store to share with our visitors.

It should make an interesting read and hopefully will help other online start ups encountering the same issues and problems that Martin does along with helping others who are maybe looking to start their own online business soon.

Here is Martins first instalment giving us a bit of background about himself and his online selling aspirations and inspirations.

Starting My Online Business

Hello everybody, my name is Martin. I am 50 years old, married with 4 children. I have just joined eShop Hosts as I have always wanted to run my own online business. I work full time but I was always looking for a steady income to supplement my regular income. I always felt inside was another Richard Branson trying to get out. My first hurdle was trying to find somebody who could help me achieve that. I have no website experience apart from surfing the web.

start online businessTo actually build an ecommerce website from scratch was terrifying as I didn’t have a clue which way to turn. I searched Google for advice but that only made matters worse. I read on some sites how easy it was to build a website in under a day. After much heartache attempting this I realised I was wasting precious time. On joining eShop hosts I got talking to Richy and I explained what I wanted, which was a website which I could make an income from. He asked what did I intend to sell, which I explained would be solar products.

I have sold items from the house on eBay but to actually start my own online website is something I have dreamed about. At present I am like a kid with a new toy. While I am at work my wife who is a domestic engineer (house wife) will be helping as well. My wife like most people wants an extra income for the kids, birthdays, holidays, Christmas, toys etc, and is excited at the prospect of working from home. We are both virgins to this but Richy has installed a lot of confidence in both of us to achieve our dream of running our own online business working from the comfort of our own home. To start with it will be to generate a steady income as a sideline to my regular income. My big dream is to leave my full time job and run my own business from home.

I remember these words from a successful millionaire,

there are people who talk about doing it. But the ones who achieve success are them that do it and not talk about doing it.

With the help and advice from eShop Hosts we aim to achieve our dream.

Follow Martins Progress

Follow Martins progress here on eShop Hosts by viewing his weekly ‘Guest Posts’ giving us updates on all the issues he has encountered during the process of setting up his online business including the dilemma he encounters when choosing his domain name, which shopping cart to use along with many more difficult decisions he needs to make to get up and running and selling online.

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