eCommerce Startup Weekly Diary By Dan eShop Hosts Support 23.5.2012 No Comments
Diary of an eCommerce Start Up Part 2

Choosing an ecommerce Domain Name

Here is an update on our progress so far with setting up our eShop. I finally chose and registered a domain name “”. We did try to get a shorter domain name but alas all the names I could think of had all been snapped up and registered. The reason we choose that name was because of the keywords “solar”& “energy” gadgets cover a broad range of product lines I am thinking of selling.

Choosing a Shopping Cart

choosing a shopping cart for ecommerceMy next dilemma was choosing which shopping cart program to use for our eshop, there are quite a few open source carts available to choose from. So I had a chat with Richy at eShop Hosts about which cart to use.  He explained in detail the different types out there like, Open cart, Zen cart. After a lengthy discussion and talking it over with my wife as well we decided on the Zen cart. Next on the list was choosing a template to use on the Zen cart and also which colour and layout to I wanted my website to have.

Website Appearance

We started looking around and were advised to check out ready made template websites for some ideas. We didn’t rush into anything and eventually we came across a template that we liked. In fact it took over a week due to work commitments and being undecided. At the end of the day we didn’t want to rush into it. After this it was choose a colour, which if you will understand it’s like trying to pick paint for your house. We had a good old discussion about it and decided to go for the green colour. Reason for this was because of the solar products we will be selling. It stood out in our eyes. The green colour to us seems to have a lovely effect compared to any others we considered. The domain name, template and colour are very important as first impressions count when people start to view your website.

Domain Update

Reference the domain name first mentioned above, we have now changed it to, the first one we choose just seemed to long and we kept having doubts about it. This other domain we found at first we didn’t like it as it sounded like a fizzy drink name.

start online businessThe problem was it stuck in out head and was smaller than the first one we choose. After enquiring with our hosts about the new domain name and I was pleased to be told that they could swop the website from first name to the new one, phew. Lesson we learnt was don’t jump in feet first, take your time over it. Not just the name but everything your doing.  The next step is to find some solar product pictures for Richy & Dan so they can get the website going and test things on it.

With my excitement to write the regular update I actually forgot to mention what you should do when purchasing your domain name. The key issue I must point out is actually making certain you obtain your domain name personal privacy at the same time. This is very important to prevent any individual that might get hold of your own personal details and even misuse it. This in turn usually costs about £5.00 or more however it is money wisely spent in the long term. In the event you don’t protect your personal privacy your entire private information is going to be on view to any individual that makes use of the actual whois services online.

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