eCommerce Startup Weekly Diary By Dan eShop Hosts Support 7.6.2012 No Comments
Diary of an eCommerce Start Up Part 4

Setting Up my Website

For those who haven’t seen my previous diary pages about starting an online shop, so far I have managed to choose and register the domain name for my new ecommerce venture, selected the cart platform I wanted to use and then helped design the custom template that I had built for it. All good so far and now my website launch is getting closer.

Configuring Zen Cart Admin Area

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For the past week I have been learning about how to add products, change the shipping details, payment options and a host of other things within the administration area.

When I first logged into my Zen Cart Admin area, I have to say I was well and truly lost! “What’s all this” shock hit me because here I was trying to learn something new and the Admin area appears to be just a mass of Tabs and Dropdown options that each require me to configure something. Just the way I am with all new things that require me to engage the brain.

My wife on the other hand was learning all this like a duck to water.  It’s simple she would say. Yes everything is simple when you know it. But we all learn at different speeds. Don’t get me wrong my wife was making mistakes but she just takes it in here stride and said “Dan told her don’t worry whatever you break we can put it all back together again”.  I haven’t mentioned Iwan he’s another member of eShop Hosts Support team.  Hello Iwan hope you had a nice holiday?

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Using Available Resources

When starting an online shop, everything you need to learn about Zen Cart is on the Zen Cart website. You have a FAQ’s section, a link to the support section of Zencart forums where you can learn what to do if you’re stuck by reading others peoples requests for assistance and the answers given by the experienced Zen Cart users.  Or in my case when you’re in panic mode pester the lads on the live support on eShop Hosts as it makes their day.

Moving Forward

I will now describe where I am with learning Zencart. When you where a young child and you where learning to ride a bike for the first time your parents put stabilisers on while you learnt  to get your balance. After a while depending on how fast you learnt they took one of the stabilisers of to help you get better. That is where I am today learning Zencart with one stabiliser still on. My wife on the other hand has removed both stabilisers (clever clogs) and is now trying to ride the bike with no hands.

What I am trying to get across is when you start to learn about Zencart don’t be put off when you first log into the admin area. Have a go at looking at all the different configuration settings, there isn’t anything that will break the dam thing that cannot be undone, if you get lost then contact the support lads. They will have a good laugh with you about it and point you in the right direction on where you went wrong. If you are one of these people who pick things up easily “you make me sick” only joking of course.

Don’t be afraid get in there play with it. If I can learn it (very slowly) anybody can do it too.

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