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Choosing an eShop Domain Name

Registering the Right Domain Name for your eShop

Choosing and registering the right Domain Name for your online shop is something that shouldnt be rushed into. When you are setting up an online ecommerce venture, spending a bit of time to establish the best domain name to register and use for your website out of the available domains to buy or register is time very well spent. This could be the best ‘time’ investment that you make to ensure your online shop gets the best advantage to gain traffic and sales. Researching, choosing and then registering the right domain name to use has many implications in your future marketing, online and offline branding, Search Engine Optimisation and usability.

To help choose the right domain name for your eshop we have devised a short list of suggestions, tips and ideas to help you when choosing the right domain name.

Use your main keyword in the domain name

It is a good idea if you to incorporate your main keyword in the domain name for your eshop. The obvious reason is that it helps with your onsite search engine optimisation which in turn will help your website get found by search engine browsers more easily because URLs are still a major factor for on-page ranking in the search results pages.

It is also worth noting that having a keyword in your website domain name gives organic visitors a better idea of what your eshop is all about and selling meaning any click throughs that you acheive are more targetted.

Short Domains are best

Creating a Brand name for your website which in turn will be your eShop domain name means that you will want a name that is memorable and the best way to do this is to keep your domain name as short as possible. This will make it easy to remember and hassle free for web users to type into their browsers and an eShop domain name that is easily pronounced, say one that is 2 to 4 syllables long is usually the best option.

Choosing the right domain extension for your eShop domain name

There are hundreds of domain extensions available to use, general TLD’s such as .COM, .NET and .ORG as well as many Country specific domain extensions (ccTLD’s) such as .CO.UK, .FR, .DE, .US and so on, we suggest that your choice of domain name should be both a .com as well as the as the country TLD that you are trading from.

domain name extensions

Having the name you choose for your eShop in both .Com and the ccTLD means that your website will benefit in a few ways, one is due to the fact that many internet browsers tend to assume that all websites are .Com’s and often type in the website url they intend to visit with .com at the end.

The .com domain extension is recognised as a global domain extension which will help make your eShop more appealing to purchase from by any international visitors your website will get. Another reason to consider a .Com domain name is due to the rapid increase of internet shoppers using Mobile Devices to browse the internet, most of the popular smart phones or tablets have a ‘.com’ button on their touch keyboards meaning less typing for the user.

Your choice of domain name and domain extension is a very important factor because it will help generating ‘type in’ traffic to your eShop. Many internet shoppers do not keep bookmarks on their browsers so you should make every effort to ensure that they can go directly to your eShop just by strength of memory.

In short, by considering and utilising the above suggestions you should have a domain name that is easy for your potential customers to remember which is quick and easy to type.

Avoid using numbers and special characters in your eShop Domain Name

Making your domain name easy to type will also help to direct traffic to your website. Making your domain name easy to type by avoiding the use of dashes, hyphens, numbers and special characters in your domain name. Even two or three word domain names that have words starting with the same letter that the previous word ended with cause confusion to web users oftenm causing them to mis-spell the website address.

Keep your domain name straight forward by choosing one that is exclusivly letters where you can. This also saves you from the trouble of having to spell out your domain name when people ask you verbally what your website address is.

Choose a brandable domain name

You want your online shop domain name to have its own unique identity and be memorable to your visitors so avoid choosing a domain name that is similar to other well known brand names.

Using a similar domain name to an established brand iwill increase the liklihood of recieving a ‘cease and desist’ notification and possible legal action that could mean the loss of your website. If you want your eShop to be taken seriously your website name and appearance should ideally have its own unique brand that will gain respect from your visitors and wont look like a scam or imitation website.

Another drawback of using a similar domain name to any well known and established brand is not just the confusion between your site and that of the established brands website but also the fact that if any prospective visitors go to the search engines and type in your domain name that is very similar to a more popular websites name, the search engines will display their listing above yours in the search results causing you to lose potential business.

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