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How Google Adwords can Increase Your eCommerce Sales

Google AdWords can be a very simple and cost effective way to increase targetted traffic to your ecommerce website and increase your sales.

If done correctly with a bit of planning and possibly a little ‘trial and error’, setting up and running a successful AdWords campaign will increase the number of relevant and unique visitors to your ecommerce website and due to the set up of your campaign, improve your conversion rate of visitors to sales.

How Does Google Adwords Work

Google AdWords can easily be set up to promote ecommerce websites with two methods:-

Search Listings

Adwords adverts are displayed on the search results pages after somebody types a query into a search engine that you have set as your targetted keyword in your campaign settings. The Ads are displayed in addition to the organic search results as ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Ads Related To’ Google AdWords links, usually at the very top of the results page and also on the right hand side of the screen, they are sometimes distinguishable due to a different coloured background.

Display Network

The Google Display Network is where Google will place your text or banner advert not only on its own websites but also on websites that are participating on the Google Adsense utility. Thees ‘Partner’ websites will have code placed within there code that displays the adverts and in return they will receive a commission often referred to as ‘pay per click’ or ‘ppc’ for any of their visitors that click an advertisers link.

Understanding How to Set Up an Adwords Campaign

using adwords to promote ecommerce

Setting up an Adwords Campaign is fraught with potential ‘costly’ errors. The process of setting your maximim ‘bids’ for clicks for your chosen target keywords is easily misunderstood and can often cost the uninitiated first time user a lot of money in wasted click throughs that don’t result in sales.

Quality Score

When setting up and bidding for your chosen Keywords, you are in effect entering into an auction with other bidders also competing for the best and highest search result positioning. So you are setting your maximum bid per day, or per keyword, via an automated real-time auction where again to the novice your competitors may still feature higher than your Advert Despite you bidding and paying more for your clicks.

This is due to Google analysing the content of the website page that your advert is linking to and calculating a ‘Quality Score’ for relevance for each of your target keywords. This analysis not only looks at the relevancy of your site pasge content but also the keyword relevancy to your advert text and the search query being made by the Google user.

Once your Adwords Campaign is up and running Google then carefully monitors the relevancy which makes your keyword choices very important.

Adwords Success gets Rewarded

Google will monitor your Adwords Campaign on an ongoing basis and will also calculate how successful your Campaign is, if your Ads achieve a high level of user clicks then usually Google will place it higher up in the display order even if your maximum bid isn’t the highest competing for that keyword, this is due to Google taking a view that the high number of clicks you are achieving is due to better quality Advert text or your promotion is ‘in demand’ and popular amongst users.

Understanding the Adwords Bid Process

Click on the image on the right to enlarge it, the infographic explains the bid process in a very easy to understand way

Image Source Acknowledgment:

This InfoGraphic is a great way to understand how the Google Adwords Keyword Bidding works along with explainations of what and how the many other factors that influence how much your Ads Cost and where they are placed.

Ongoing Ad Campaign Tweaks

There are many free tools that can be used to help set up and monitor your Adwords Campaign, Google has a free to use keyword Ideas Tool showing important search frequency statistics, competition and average click cost to help choose the keywords to use for your campaign. There is also a placement diagnosis tool within your Adwords Account settings that will help monitor and identify any problems with your keywords used within your campaign.


In summary, Google AdWords can be a profitable and flexible method of marketing your ecommerce website that will enable you to set up, test, monitor and change your campaigns.

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