Back up Using R1Soft Facility

Using R1 Soft Back up Facility within cPanel

R1 Soft backup facility is inccluded FREE with all E Shop Hosts ecommerce hosting accounts. f you then accidentally delete or overwrite a file? No problem - in just a few clicks you can instantly restore your files, or even entire directories!

How do I access the R1 Soft back up facility?

To access the R1Soft system, you will need to access your hosting cPanel area and on the home page click the R1 Soft icon, then login to the interface with your cPanel username and password. Follow the instructions prompted on the page entering the data to suit your requirements.


You can still create manual backups outside of the R1Soft system - either through the standard Backup system or through the backup wizard which can both also be found on the home page of your hosting cPanel area.

R1 Soft Back up Disclaimer

While we do our best to make sure all your data is safe, we cannot guarantee this - we strongly recommend keeping your own backups, which you can easily do via the standard Backup button in cPanel.

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