API Credentials required for Setting Up Paypal Express Payment Module

If you are going to use the Paypal Express Payment module to accept payments on your Zen Cart website then you will need to generate and use the API Credentials that are unique to you and provided by Paypal. These API Credentials then need to be entered into the relevant text fields within the Paypal Express Payment moddule within your stores Admin Area.

Over a period of time, quite a few clients have asked us how and where they can generate or find the API credentials for their Paypal Account so we have created this short step by step guide.

Getting and Using your Paypal API Credentials

a. Login into your PayPal account
b. Under the 'My Account' tab, click 'Profile'
c. Then under the 'Selling Online' section, click the 'Update' button next the API Access line.
d. Under Option 2 on the next screen, click 'View API Signature' or 'Create API Signature' (if Creating then you will need to insert your web site url)
e. The Page will then display Your API Key and Secret (Credentials).
f. You will use these details on the page to fill out the API credentials in Zen Cart so best to copy and paste them onto a notepad document and save them to your PC.
g. You can either send the credentials to us or you can Login to your Zen Cart Admin
h. Go to Modules -> Payment and click on PayPal Express checkout then edit.
i. Use the details from step f. and copy and paste the details accross into the relevant text fields within the module settings.
j. Hit Save.


Your Paypal Express payments module should now be fully functional on your website.

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