Setting up VAT Charge for your Zen Cart Website Products

If you need to add Vat to product prices on your Zen Cart website then this simple process will automatically add the VAT charge at the rate you set.


The following guide is for setting UK/European Vat rate but the principle can be used to set Tax on goods at any rate and for any country you require.

Step 1

If you are UK based and you want to have VAT added for goods being bought and shipped to the UK and all other EEC countries then in your Zen Cart Admin area select the Locations/Taxes and then Zone Definitions option.

On this page Click the insert button and the page will display option filelds that you will need to input the following:-.

1. Name of Zone Here, type in something along the lines of UK or European VAT Zone

2. Description Here, enter something Like Uk or European Countries Zone for VAT

Next. click on the details button or the yellow folder Icon next to UK or European VAT Zone text

1. Click the Insert button and then select United kingdom from the pull down list of countries and then click on insert option.

2. If you are selling/shipping to all European Countries then repeat the process by clicking the Insert button and repeating step one for all countries in the European Union.

Step 2

Next, hover your mouse over Locations/Taxes and select the Tax Classes option, there should already be an entry called taxable goods. If there isnt then create one.

Step 3

Next, hover your mouse over the Locations/Taxes tab and select the Tax Rates option. On the page that appears, click the New Tax Rate button.

For the Tax Class Title enter Taxable Goods

For Zone should be the same as what you Named your Zone (in point 1 above) eg Uk or European Countries Zone for VAT.

For Tax Rate Enter the VAT rate you wish to charge eg 20

For Description You can add what you like here to explain to your customers what the charge is for eg VAT at 20% or similar

The Priority field isn't required so it can be left blank

Now click the Insert button to save your settings.

The above settings assume that you do not have any zone definitions or tax rates already set up for your store, if there are any set up already that are no longer active or required then it is probably best if you delete them.

Step 4

For the above settings to be applied to your products at checkout, you will need to ensure that the tax class is set to Taxable goodsfor each product that the tax is applicable to. There are different ways to enable this, one is to ensure that the option is switched on within each product edit page or if you are uploading product CSV files then ensure that there is a '1' in the Taxable Goods column.

Step 5

The final step is to hover your mouse over the Configuration tab and select the My Store option and ensure that the entry for Basis of product tax is showing as Shipping, if not then edit it.

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