How Do I point my Nameserver settings to E Shop Hosts

How do I set the NameServers for a domain I already own to my new E Shop Hosts hosting account

Before you can set up your new website by accessing your E Shop Hosts website hosting account, you need to change your existing domain settings to point to our NameServers. After you have made this change, our NameServers will enable your new ecommerce website to be accessed using your existing domain name. If you already have an existing website using your domain, please make sure to capture/backup any information that you might need from that website before you make this change because the old website will not be accessible without a domain name being assigned to it.

Visit the Web Site that you Manage your Domain Name

You will need to go to the company/website where you paid for and manage your domain name (they are called the 'domain registrar') and then reconfigure (or request to change if need be) your NameServers settings. The NameServer settings may also be referred to as "Domain Name Servers," "DNS," or "Name Servers." You will need to amend your current settings to these web addresses below which correspond to our E Shop Hosts NameServers.


It often takes less than an hour for any NameServer configuration change to become fully registered and changed over the internet (this is referred to as 'propegation') and depending on the registrar of your existing domain it can take up to 48 hours for full propegation of your domain to take place.

If the NameServer change has taken place then, when you enter your domain name into your web browser, you should see a black and white page with "Index of /" or a holding page. If not, and you see your old website then propegation may not have fully taken place. In this instance it may be an idea to clear your p.c. browser cache as in some cases, your computer or network equipment may remember the address for your old website and store/cache the web page information and won't switch to the new settings.

If enough time has passed and you still cannot see a change then please log in to your account on E Shop Hosts and submit a support ticket via the Client Area.

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