How do I transfer my Domain Name to E Shop Hosts?

How do I transfer a domain name to E Shop Hosts?

To transfer a domain name that you already own to E Shop Hosts you will need to visit the company/ website (registrar) where your domain name was purchased and is currently managed. There you can instigate the transfer of the management of your domain to E Shop Hosts and in some instances eg for U.S. domains (.com, .net, .info etc) you may be provided with a transfer code (also called the EPP Code or DAC 'Domain Authorisation Code'). If you did not or there was an issue with that code, please log in to your account on E Shop Hosts and submit a support ticket in the Client Area and provide that code to us.


Note: the EPP code characters are case sensitive. The code comes from the company where you registered your domain and is used by us as a "password" to allow the transfer to us.

Optional: A good way to get your website operational quicker, is to immediately change your NameServer settings to the E Shop Hosts Nameservers before the transfer takes place.

Step By Step Guide to Transfer Your Domain

First, log in in to the website where you purchased the domain, please make sure the following things are set to true:

  • The domain name is set to UNLOCKED.
  • You have access to the administrative contact email for the domain.
  • There are less than 15 days until the domain name expirers.
  • The domain name was registered for the first time more than 60 days ago.

You should then recive an email confirmation indicating that the transfer has been instigated, the email sent to you will most likely be sent from the company that previously managed your domain name. It is important that you watch for this email and ensure it is not lost in a spam folder because it will often expire within a few days. You will need to follow the instructions in the email to make sure you are indicating that you want to authorize the transfer. For example, you may need to click on a confirmation link or maybe reply to the email to either authorize or speed up the domain transfer process.

In some cases, a second verification email may be sent to you. Again, it is important to follow the instructions to authorize the transfer. Once the transfer is properly authorized, it will be usually completed within 5-7 days according to rules from ICANN or Nominet depending on the type of domain you are transferring.

Once the transfer is fully complete, you will recieve an email confirmation from E Shop Hosts Client Area Support and your registration will be extended one or two years depending on the type of domain being transferred. If you are curious to know the details of your domain you can go to a website such as and enter your domain into the "WHOIS Lookup" form. The output of a whois lookup for your domain shouls include a field that indicates the name of your registration service, which is the company that manages your domain.

If you are unsure if any domain transfer that you have initiated is in progress or are concerned about the time being taken, then please log in to your E Shop Hosts account and submit a support ticket in the Client Area.

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