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Free Domain Privacy

Increase Your Domain Security with Free Domain Privacy Service

When you register a .com, .net or .org domain name all of your contact information is then used to populate the Public Whois Database. This is a legal requirement, imposed on domain registrars by ICANN. and your contact information is publically available to be viewed by anyone using one of the many whois services available online.

This information is often used for unscrupulous purposes such as spam, identity theft and data mining causing the domain name owner unnecessary problems.

Free Domain Privacy Service available at eShop Hosts

During May 2012 all .Com, .Net and .Org domain names registered or transferred to eShop Hosts will be elligible for our Free Domain Privacy service.

When registering your domain name just select the Privacy option and your contact details will be replaced with our forwarding service details when displayed on the public Domain Who Is websites.

Why Choose Domain Privacy?

free domain privacy
When you select to use the eShop Hosts domain privacy service, it means your all of your personal or business details such as your name, your address, contact email address and phone number will all remain confidential meaning that your Domain Name Registration is totally safe and secure.

This will stop a lot of spam, tele-marketers, data miners along with everyone else who might otherwise obtain and misuse your personal information.

Enable our Free Privacy Service to protect your personal information

Domain Privacy Service is FREE with new and existing Domain Names registered through eShop Hosts during the month of May 2012. Once it is selected in your domain name management area, the Privacy Service will be active on your Domain in just a few minutes, ensuring that all your personal information is kept confidential.

Free Domain Privacy Service is the ideal solution

  • Stop domain name related spam from filling your email Inbox
  • Stop identity theft and fraud possible from your Domain Name registration data
  • Stop Scammers, stalkers, and online data miners
  • Stop all new business ventures identity from being disclosed prior to launch

Business as Usual

Once Domain Privacy is activated on your domain name, everything will function as usual and your domain name will remain in your full control eg you are still able to cancel, sell, renew, and transfer your domain name along with being able to fully control and configure DNS, change your Name Server Settings and set up email accounts for your domain name. In short everything that you would normally be able to manage and configure your domain name to do, can still be done with our Privacy Service activated.

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