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Is Your Web Site Mobile Ready?

Mobile Web Browsing is Rapidly Increasing

You are probably already aware that mobile web browsing is increasing at an incredible rate. What is very surprising though is the fact that not many ecommerce websites are ‘Mobile-Ready’ which means that many online shops are not optimized to be viewed on any mobile devices.

Recent research has shown that Mobile web browsing is due to overtake desktop web browsing as soon as 2015! and other interesting statistics to note are that over 50% of North Americans will have a smartphone and it is expected that there will be One Billion mobile internet users worldwide before the end of 2011. So is your web site optimised to cater for the increasing numbers of mobile using visitors?

verisign mobile view tool

Get Your Web Site Mobile Ready

Getting your web site Mobile Ready is easier than you think!, E shop Hosts have recently began offering Verisign Mobile Website generator also known as Mobileview totally free with every .COM and .NET Domain registered or transferred with us. This is an ideal solution to get your ecommerce web site Mobile Ready and with this quick and free to use Mobile Web Site Generator Tool, you too can now benefit from the mobile web browsiong revolution.

What is Mobileview?

Mobileview is a one step mobile website generator that helps you to easily create a mobile-ready website in just minutes.

As part of the E Shop Hosts ecommerce solutions this Mobile Ready service is offered free with .COM and .NET domain registrations and transfers to us which will that you will increase your E Shop visability as well as automatically enhance your mobile web browsing users experience creating more sales and greater customer retention.

Will Mobile View Help My Business?

Verisign MobileView is an automatic service that grabs key info from a website and sets it up for mobile devices. All of your web sites most important information is then turned into straightforward, one-touch icons that will then be displayed on a single mobile interface in a mobile compliant way.

Easy to Add

By following a few simple instructions, adding Verisign MobileView to your web site will help you increase the value of your customers browsing experience of your web site. Although Mobile web usage is exploding, without a tool like Mobile View, many full websites have lengthy download times and an inconsistent or broken presentation when viewed with a mobile phone.

In short, the Versign MobileView tool adds mobile detection to your existing web site and then redirects mobile web browsers to a set of mobile compliant files, thus delivering mobile optimised and compliant site content whilst keeping your mobile web visitors on your domain.

Need Advice on Getting Your Site Mobile Ready?