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Special Offer .Mobi Domain Registration only £6.99

Domain Registration Offer

Our latest domain discount offer is for the .Mobi domain registration. This great offer will get you .Mobi domains registered for the first year for only £6.99.

The .Mobi domain, launched in 2006, is a top level internet domain (TLD) and is derived from the adjective mobile and is widely recognisable due to its use for websites promoting access via mobile web browsers.

All sites using the .mobi domain extension should be optimized for viewing on mobile devices and the domain extension is backed all the major mobile network operators, mobile phone and infrastructure vendors , and Internet search and content providers.

Register Your .Mobi Domain Today

With around one million .mobi domain names registered already, there are still some great names still available to be registered and with having many short names still available it is an ideal domain extension to use for a mobile ready website because for mobile users, typing long URLs can be awkward and cumbersome.

This is great news for companies who did not get their first choice .com domain name and with mobile Web browsing increasing at a rate of triple digit growth year-on-year, and forecasted to continue, having a memorable mobile presence now represents a huge opportunity for future growth of your website traffic.

Google also allows geo-targeting of .Mobi domains which is great if your website content is globally targetted then Google will, in terms of search results, treat .Mobi like any standard domain extension eg .COM, .NET etc.

This Is a Time Limited Offer!

Our usual Domain Registration Terms and Conditions apply to any domain name registered when using this promotion.

Use your .Mobi domain name for your company, corporation, blog or any other type of mobile optimised website.

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