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New ICANN Requirements for Expiring Domain Names

icann errp policy

In response to the ICANN (Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers) the nonprofit organization that oversees the use of Internet domains recent mandatory requirements for expiring domain registrations eShop Hosts are introducing some minor revisions in their updated Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) which will come into effect August 2013.

After ICANN brought about a list of mandatory requirements for domain registrars and they way they deal with clients expiring domain names which they refer to as the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP). To ,maintain compliance with this policy change, eShop Hosts will be making the following changes to our system on 1st August 2013.

New ICANN ERRP Policy Highlights

The following points are main changes introduced by ICANN in their Expired Registration Recovery Policy that effects expiring domain names.

As per this policy, ICANN has mandated that Registrant at Expiry (RAE), i.e. the registrant contact of a domain name immediately prior to its expiration, should receive renewal notifications.

Registrars are required to send at least 2 mandatory expiration reminders to the RAE, approximately a month and a week before expiry of a domain name. Additionally, at least one more notice must be sent within 5 days of domain expiry. This communication has to be in the language of the registration agreement.

The domain name renewal fee, post expiration renewal fee (if different from renewal fee) and restoration fees have to be made available to the registrant at the time of domain registration. These fees also have to be updated on the website and a URL of the same has to be included in the registration agreement.

All resellers in the chain also have to display these fees on their websites.

The communication channel to be used for notifications has to be displayed on the website of the registrar as well as all his resellers and a link for the same has to be included in the registration agreement.


Amendmends to eShop Hosts Expired Registration Recovery Policy to comply with this policy

We will introduce two additional email notifications to our clients with expiring domain names to notify them before as well as post domain expiry notifications mandated by ICANN. These mails shall be sent out only for gTLDs eg .com, .net, .org domain names.

eShop Hosts will be incorporating the changes with regards to displaying expiring domain name recovery prices within the client area on their website as well as adding this information to the new email notifications sent to the clients.

We willll also be editing and updating our domain name registration agreement so that it includes the new ERRP Policy items mandated by ICANN.

Changes to Domain Registration Renew Grace Period

ICANN has also made revisions to the Renew Grace Period for expiring domain names which has been now been shortened from 40 to 36 days for all .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, and .NAME domain names. This means that from now on if these domain extensions are not renewed by their registrant within 36 days of the expiry date the domain name will then be automatically queued for deletion by the system, no modifications or extensions to this grace period will be possible. These changes will also go live in August, 2013.

Should you require any additional information about this mail, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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