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VeriSign Domain Registration Price Increase

Price Increase By VeriSign® January 15 2012

VeriSign® the Registry for .Com and .Net domains are increasing their prices for new domain registrations, renewals and transfers for all .COM and .NET domains on January 15th 2012.

The price increases will be 7% for .COM and 10% for .NET domains and due this increase all E Shop Hosts corresponding .COM and .NET domain registration, renewal and transfer charges with also increase to reflect these higher charges.

But….. to give our clients a little extra time E Shop Hosts domain price increase will not take effect until January 31st 2012.

Register or Renew Now to Save!

We would advise all our valued customers that you renew any of your .Com or .Net domains or register any new domains at E Shop Hosts before January 31st to benefit from our current rates and save, especially if you have multiple domains.

You can renew your domains for up to 10 years to maximize your savings. The longer you renew at the present rates, the more you save!