Information Required For Our E Shop In A Box

If you are taking advantage of our E Shop In A Box package that offers a fully customised ecommerce web site set up for you that includes three months hosting and our full support to help you get up and running with your online selling then you will need to give us a ‘brief’ to enable us to create the appearance and functions that you require for your E Shop.

A ‘design brief’ is your written instructions and explanations to us that outline how you want your E Shop to appear eg the colour scheme, layout and functions.

If you submit a thorough and descriptive design brief to us then it will help us understand more of your what you expect from your E Shop and your brief will serve as an essential point of reference for both us and for you whilst your E Shop is in the ‘build’ process.

In short, the design brief ensures that all the design features and functions that are important to you are considered and catered for before the we commence building the demo site for your E Shop.

What to Include Within Your E Shop In A Box Design Brief

It helps us a lot if you can provide as much information as possible to ensure we understand your needs and expectations. Usually a design brief for a custom E Shop will include links to other web sites, the logo that will be used, samples of product images and descriptions along with the description of required layout and colour scheme required.

The more clues you give in your brief about your design tastes and requirements then the more likely it is that will be able to produce something that matches your aims. Submitting little or vague information in your E Shop In A Box brief will add time on to the build process and rarely produces the best results.

Spending your time getting your E Shop In A Box design brief right, will reap rewards further down the design and build process. Not only will you get a better ecommerce web site, but the whole process will be smoother and completed faster as we will be able to spend our time building your E Shop and not trying to second guess what it is you actually want and are trying to achieve.

Design Brief Resources

To assist clients to compile their brief we have created a short form with set questions that are the most fundemental requirements and this form can be filled in online and then submitted direct to us. (You can see the form by clicking the button below)

Fill out the E Shop In A Box Design Brief Form Here

The Design Brief Form Questions Explained

Although its a short and basic form, the questions we ask and the information contained within your answers should enable us to make a start on your E Shop.

Here is a brief explaination of the Design Brief questions and the type of information you can give within your answers to help us:

  • Please describe the concept of your site along with a description of the products or service you will be selling
  • It is useful for us to know the type of products or services that you will be offering and how you would like them presented within the site.

  • Please provide a list of major features you want included in the site
  • You may want a featured product slide show on the home page or the provision to add videos to the product page or certain social media interaction with your site.

  • Do you have content already for your site? If not, how soon will it be ready?
  • Its always best to have your product descriptions prepared in advance as well as your Terms and Conditions, Site Privacy policy and Shipping details, it is also advisable to have an About Us page on your site giving some detail to your vistors about your industry experience, knowledge and commitment to customer service etc.

  • Please describe how your desired look and feel for the site
  • It is useful for us to know if you want your E Shop to have a modern feel or retro look, corporate, classic or girly, light or dark and so on.

  • Please let us know the colour scheme that you have in mind for your site
  • Ideally we need to know your desired colour scheme for areas of the site such as the main background, main site content area and navigation bars etc.

  • Please list some links to websites that you like and explain what it is that you like
  • Please list some links to websites that you dont like and explain what it is that you dont like
  • Sending us links to web sites that you have seen, highlighting which element, function or feature that you like or dislike is a great way of conveying to us what you are looking to achieve (or not!) for your E Shop In A Box. You don’t have to list websites that are relevant to your business, links to any web site that is of your taste and demonstrates something that you want included within your own.

  • Please describe anything else you think might apply to your E Shop In A Box
  • This is an opportunty to add a little more meat to the bone for your web site brief, you can add anything here that you feel is relevant to your E Shop requirements that wasn’t covered in the questions above.

Stilll not sure what to include in your brief?